October 20, 2020

Skydiving Jumps

Skydiving Jumps

The exciting sport of skydiving is fast gaining popularity in the UK and overseas as a means to take part in various water sports. Sky diving is also known as parachute jumping. There are many locations that allow sky divers to enjoy this sport including high up in the air above the waters, and on the ground from a shallow dive. Leicester Airfield near Oxfordshire, is among the more than twenty parachute jumping centres in the UK which offer tandem, static square, freefall and accelerated free fall level I skydiving jumps.

sky diving jumps

All Jumps are available at an affordable price of around £100 and each Tandem jump is available with a choice of two tandem seats or three or more tandem seats. There are also options to choose an instructor assistant for each jump. A fully equipped jump kit including canopy, goggles, breathing mask, safety pins and safety ropes are available from all the major manufacturers and these are available from all the local jump centres in the United Kingdom and are all available on line.

Skydiving is a very exhilarating sport where you parachute down from an altitude where you can see all around you in the clear blue sky and then parachute yourself safely to the ground where a parachute is deployed and you glide back to earth into a landing area. Skydiving is a highly competitive sport that involves highly trained and experienced skydivers who are able to execute extreme maneuvers that require an extremely high level of skill and physical strength. For more information on sky diving contact your local Parachute Centre or visit a Skydiving Centre in Leicester.